History of the company

The Company was founded in 1991. At first it was mainly focused on smaller orders. In 1992 it obtained, during large-scale privatization by public competition, the state company Pozemní a inženýrské stavby which was a successor-company to the former factory Pozemní stavby Ústí nad Labem o.p. After this, the company began to concentrate on complex building operations and the realization of turnkey constructions. During its history / the first period of company´s existence / the company had a turnover of more than 1 billion CZk and employed over 300 employees especially in the areas of building operations, the production and distribution of steel reinforcements, as well as the production and sale of concrete mixtures and sale of building materials.

The present

Nowadays the company specialises in turnkey constructions including technologies in civil, industrial and housing constructions. Furthermore, it focuses on repairs and building reconstructions, their insulation and modernization. In order to fulfill the customers´s orders it makes use of technical and material facilities which, apart from the central warehouse,also includes its own  locksmith´s workshop, carpenter´s workshop, freight and personal transport and other indispensable equipment.

The company operates throughout the Czech Republic.